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Which of the following Is Not a Void Agreement Quizlet

When it comes to legal contracts, there are a few different types of agreements that can be made. One type of agreement is known as a “void agreement,” which basically means that the contract is not legally valid or enforceable. But which of the following is not a void agreement on Quizlet? Let`s take a look.

First, it`s important to understand what makes an agreement void. There are a few different factors that can contribute to a contract being deemed void, such as:

– Illegal subject matter: If the agreement involves something that is illegal (like a contract to sell drugs), it is void.

– Lack of capacity: If one of the parties involved in the agreement is not legally able to enter into contracts (like a minor), the contract may be void.

– Coercion or undue influence: If one party was forced or pressured into entering the agreement against their will, the contract could be void.

– Mistake or fraud: If one or both parties were misled or mistaken about the terms of the contract, it may be void.

So with that in mind, which of the following is not a void agreement on Quizlet? Let`s take a look at some options:

– A contract signed by a minor: As mentioned above, a contract involving a minor may be void. Therefore, this would likely be considered a void agreement on Quizlet.

– A contract to sell stolen property: This would likely be considered an illegal subject matter, making the contract void.

– A contract between two consenting adults: Assuming there are no other factors at play (like fraud or coercion), this would likely be a valid contract and not considered void.

– A contract signed under duress: If one party was forced into signing the contract against their will, it may be void.

So based on these options, it looks like the answer to “which of the following is not a void agreement on Quizlet” would be C: a contract between two consenting adults. As long as the agreement is legal and both parties are able and willing to enter into it, it should be a valid contract.

Of course, it`s always important to consult with a legal professional if you have questions or concerns about any type of contract or agreement. A copy editor with experience in SEO can help ensure that any legal information presented in an article is accurate and informative for readers.

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